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Electronic Permitting System

Flairdocs™ Electronic Permitting System (EPSTrack™) is a comprehensive, scalable, mobile-ready, web-based solution that provides end-to-end process and tracking automation for all aspects of permitting. Flairdocs™ EPSTrack electronically addresses the needs of permit tracking, compliance, management and payment processing.

  • IMPROVES EFFICIENCIES: Reduce expenses caused by staff transition, aging software and the burden of operational paper recordkeeping and retention with innovative technology to achieve higher ROI.
  • STREAMLINES AND STANDARDIZES: Reduce training costs, foster interdepartmental collaboration, and ensure accountability and compliance on all permits with access to a transparent informational audit trail.
  • SECURES DATA: Simplify compliance mandates, migrating and managing data with cutting edge regulatory information, safeguarding your sensitive information.
  • COMPLIANCE: Save time and money by mitigating federal interstate compliance issues with our up-to-date, streamlined paperless management system.

Streamline your projects with our flexible, scalable and automated framework that can be configured to your specific needs and local regulations. By consolidating your data and processes for all kinds of signs, approach, utility, non-utility, liquor, commercial and miscellaneous permits, you will improve operational efficiency, eliminate paper-based hassle and gain significant time and cost savings. Key areas of business impacts include:

  • Highway Access Permits – Manage permitting for highway advertising and informational signs.
  • Outdoor Advertising – Deliver a comprehensive statewide and standardized approach to the application and processing of Highway Work Permits (HWPs).
  • Liquor Permit – Controlling the manufacture, distribution, licensing, regulation, and merchandising of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor through the permitting process.

Electronic Permitting System Key Features

  • Self-registration, permit request and submittal
  • Centralized portal-based application incorporating workflow, ad-hoc reporting, application review and permit issuance, investigative and enforcement oversight
  • Online electronic permit application submission and payment
  • Application Status Review process flow, as well as status for the customer submitting the online or paper application
  • Automated annual renewal of permits
  • Create and process unlimited license types
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Access to migrated historical data
  • Legal hearing support and documentation associated with licensing
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Workflow designer and template designer
  • System Administration, security and Auditing