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Contract Management Solutions

Contract Management is a complex process that spans from the early stages of the acquisition lifecycle through the life of the resulting contract. Our flagship product Flairdocs™, provides a robust and mature foundation for modernizing your contract lifecycle management needs based on an innovative, web-based framework that has been used by industry professionals for more than five years. 
Flairdocs™ automates most of the underlying manual processes related to contract management in order to streamline interdepartmental communication and ensure transparency and accountability within the overall process. Our solution integrates, user requirements, budgetary approvals, solicitation processes, evaluation, and award/post-award performance monitoring. The compliance and legal aspects of contracting make the contract lifecycle additionally complex. Our Flairdocs™ eContracting solution is based on the creation of electronic legal contract documents and offers additional support services for: negotiation, validation, signing, transactions, auditing, archiving and arbitrating.

Contract Management Solutions Key Features

  • Manages Complex Documents: Facilitates easy generation of complex documents and forms on a mouse click.
  • Integrates Information: Provides an Integrated Management Platform to unify enterprise architecture, meeting both business and technology needs for content and collaboration
  • Standardizes Business Processes: Promotes standardized operations across geographically dispersed operations in a cost effective way.
  • Improves Decisions: Fosters better decision making by providing accurate and timely information. Synthesizes content, processes, and connectivity to solve real-world business problems within a defined budget.
  • Safeguards Information: Improves compliance and safeguards sensitive information.
  • Enhance Value: Maximizes the value of existing systems and provides access to legacy information.