Contact: Flairsoft

Apr 17, 2014

Flairsoft served as a sponsor at IRWA Pipeline Committee Spring 2014 Forum.

Flairsoft served as a sponsor of the International Pipeline Committee’s Spring 2014 forum in San Antonio, Texas, helping the committee in its steps to improve the Right of Way processes for pipeline companies around the globe. Flairsoft’s CEO and President, Dheeraj Kulshrestha, represented the company at the Spring Forum, one of the committees’ premier meetings dedicated to resolving and discussing new and important issues that face the Land Management process of the Oil and Gas Pipeline industry. The International Oil and Gas Pipeline Committee is an organization dedicated to educating and assisting the IRWA on matters related to the Right of Way processes surrounding pipeline projects. This includes advising on ever-shifting legal matters, reporting on the efficacy of industry practices, and more. By sponsoring this Forum, Flairsoft contributes to an ever expanding knowledge base on the best practices that drive innovation in the industry. . For further information, or questions concerning Flairsoft news, please contact