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Sep 8, 2022

Flairsoft Is ranked number five of the top 10 vendors for providing services for the state of Utah

Flairsoft is pleased to announce that we are #5 of the Top 10 vendors for providing services for the State of Utah. With almost 200 vendors, for us to be at number five is a significant accomplishment!

The State of Utah spends more than 30 million dollars annually on their staff augmentation projects though Knowledge Services. MSP Knowledge services does a great job in coaching the vendors to be successful in the program. Flairsoft joined the program in April 2021 and the main objective for joining the program was long term placement. The normal project duration is 5 years, as compared to other states that have 6 months to 1 year project duration. We had our first placement in May 2021. This was an outstanding performance since we do not have any local presence and the State of Utah prefers local candidates. Flairsoft partnered with local MBE companies and had 4 placements in just 6 months. Our team applied one simple QIA rule (Qualified, Interested and Available) while recruiting resources for Utah.  This performance compelled Flairsoft to increase their staff and allocate a dedicated team to serve the State of Utah. As of today, Flairsoft has several placements and in Q4 2022, Flairsoft was included in the top 10 vendors list doing business with the Utah. After the success story of Utah, Flairsoft joined similar programs in the states of Connecticut and Colorado and started working with the requirements. We applied the same strategy and placed people for these two new states.

Flairsoft Senior Vice President, Nick Kulshrestha, attended the call with MSP that announced the State’s vendor rankings. He stated “we have always demonstrated our expertise and have consistently hired and provided the best IT candidates for the State’s specialized needs. Flairsoft has been successfully keeping the flag high in all its divisions, and that has earned us this position. The company offers a vast array of IT services for state, commercial and federal clients that has led to diversified skills and compliant processes.”

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