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Mar 18, 2014

Flairsoft Leaders participated in IRWA Chapter 13 Transportation Day Seminar.

Flairsoft President/CEO Dheeraj Kulshrestha attended the IRWA Chapter 13 Transportation Seminar on Tuesday, joining in the discourse amongst industry leaders on how to best improve the nation’s transportation-related Right of Way processes. The seminar, held at the Der Dutchman restaurant in Plain City, attracted more than 100 of the industry’s top personnel to a day-long event filled with strategic speaker sessions that focused on the core issues facing Ohio’s Right of Way today. The major events of the day featured executive speakers from the Ohio Department of Transportation, who held seminars on everything from the acquisition needs of Ohio’s railroad industry, to the new ways in which the Ohio DOT is improving its Right of Way processes, in many instances in ways which Flairsoft found it could fulfill. Flairsoft works with a comprehensive suite of products to support the efforts of government institutions such as the Ohio DOT, and thus gained extensive and applicable industry knowledge from this event. Utilizing the knowledge gained from such seminars, Flairsoft continues to push ahead into the future with top of the line, innovative solutions for Right of Way processes in every industry today. For further information, or questions concerning Flairsoft news, please contact