Contact: Flairsoft

Oct 13, 2012

Flairsoft Federal was recently successful in winning a direct-award revamp from AAFMC/AFLCMC

Fairborn, OH–October 2012 – Flairsoft Federal Division was recently successful in winning a direct-award revamp of the contract from Air Force Materiel Command’s Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFMC/AFLCMC) Capability Engineering Division (XRE) to improve the development profile of the DaVinci application development program. Until this point the DaVinci team was a combination of Government experts, Flairsoft experts and another prime contractor Datum Software. With this win, all contractor resources have been consolidated under the Flairsoft team. This move is intended to improve the team’s performance and expand the capabilities to include aeronautical engineering modeling. “We have unique niche capability in software engineering and business process management to serve the needs of AFLCMC/XRE” said Dheeraj Kulshrestha, President of Flairsoft Federal. He added, “With our proven software engineering process (FASTtm) and 9+ years of experience deploying our business process management framework (Flairdocs), we can provide quality solutions that other companies can’t. We are changing the paradigm for software development and delivering quality solutions to complex problems” DaVinci is being built to address the complexity of applying high performance computing (HPC) and computationally based engineering (CBE) to DoD acquisition processes as they continue to be a challenge. To help address this challenge and bring more of the capability of HPC into the early phases of acquisition, the U.S. Department of Defense initiated the Computational Research and Engineering for Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) program. CREATE is a multiservice program, including representatives from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, with support from the Secretary of Defense.

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