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Mar 7, 2014

Flairsoft Attends Seminar at 67th OOGA Winter Meeting.

Flairsoft’s CEO and President attended the Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s 67th annual Winter Meeting this past weekend, drawing knowledge from industry leaders in the premier networking event of Ohio’s oil and gas industry leaders. Flairsoft, represented by CEO and President Dheeraj Kulshrestha, joined a panoply of the industry’s top business leaders, engineers, and strategists to network, exchange industry intelligence, and celebrate the achievements of Ohio’s oil and gas sector. The event, which ran from Wednesday through Friday, consisted primarily of a trade show, but also contained highlights such as the OOAG Executive VP, Tom Stewart’s assessment of the challenges that the industry faces today, and the annual Hall of Fame Honors Dinner, which honored more than 125 industry leaders in a dignified and impressive banquet. Flairsoft looks forward to attending the 2015 Winter Meeting, as well. Through forums like this, Flairsoft seeks to gain the insight to truly help the industry advance its Right of Way and Land management processes, increasing efficiency and creating a better, more streamlined industry for all. For further information, or questions concerning Flairsoft news, please contact