Contact: Nick K.

Sep 24, 2013

Flairsoft attended “Oracle World 2013” conference in San Francisco CA

Flairsoft took part in the Oracle World 2013 conference in San Francisco, CA. Flairsoft CEO Mr. Dheeraj Kulshrestha, who personally attended this conference, said “We are very pleased to take part in this conference because it served as a key platform for bringing together the great ideas of the database industry and other domain expertise. This conference provided extremely useful information, which we certainly plan to incorporate in the development and configuration of our flagship product, Flairdocs™. This conference brought together more than 2,000 executives who shared their experiences in achieving business growth through strategic IT innovations.

Flairsoft is a fast-growing Columbus, Ohio based corporation founded in 2001. Our flagship product Flairdocs™, is an internet–enabled vital solution for the Right of Way and real estate operations. Flairdocs™ offers end–to–end paperless business process and workflow automation for the State as well as commercial clients within time and cost constraints.

The agenda of this meeting is to gather valuable information on the latest database trends, with a special focus on improving the delivery of our projects through a multi–disciplinary coordination in the fields of right of way, real estate, and property management.

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