Flairsoft Products

Business Process Management

Flairdocs is an innovative, web-based, scalable, easy to use solution that completely eliminates paper processes, improves operational effi­ciencies, manages the complexity of Contract and Case Management, delivering demonstrable cost savings. Flairdocs streamlines business processes, reduces time to-completion, increases accountability, and reduces bottom line costs.

Key industry focused solutions include:

  • Integrated Case Management
  • Workflow and Document Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Project Management and eCollaboration

Flairdocs helps you re-engineer your operations based on best practices in business process management using information technology to eliminate redundancies, automate processes and deliver results to improve productivity. Our solution for Contract and Case Management is designed to reduce cycle times and costs through increased performance quality, and features core modules including Security, Administration, Templates, Workflow, Notification, Reporting and Checklist. Read More..