Information/Business Analyst
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Designation: Information/Business Analyst

Department: Professional Services

Location: Columbus OH

Salary: Competitive

Start Date: 16 February 2015

Job Position: Full Time

Contact Details


Call: (614) 888-0700 ext.209


MITS Reporting (BIAR) Subsystem:

  • Participate in Project Management meetings with Business Intelligence workgroup for planning the testing scenarios for MITS Reporting Interfaces;
  • Independent Validation MSIS Claim files (CLAIMIP, CLAIMLT, CLAIMOT and CLAIMRX) and Eligible file sent to CMS;
  • Participate in weekly status meetings with PMT and Business Intelligence workgroup to state about the MITS reporting Interface testing, problems and risk.

Functional testing of MITS TPL (Third Party Liability) subsystem:

  • Interact with business analysts and SME’s to analyze the TPL functionality of MITS;
  • Create process flow diagrams and functional test cases;
  • Coordinate with Cost Avoidance Unit and prepared test scenarios for functional testing and Coordinate data inputs, executed test cases in Quality Center and reported defects.

Interface coordination:

  • Participate in management meeting for communicating, updating interface testing activities and identified issues;
  • Participate in daily support, interface test meetings and communicated with the product vendor and external interface resources regarding interface testing needs and activities;
  • Represent interface defects in daily defects meeting.

Post Implementation:

  • Participate in JAD sessions for regulatory releases pertaining to Claims and Recipient Subsystem; and MSIS Finders and Services files and coordinate creating change orders for these file transfers.
  • Coordinate meeting for testing & validation of electronic 1099 file submissions;
  • Assist in retesting defect fixes for defects identified in production environment for claims, recipient and System Wide Defects;


Ohio Medicaid a state of the art technology and business processes that are more aligned with Federal guidelines for Medicaid Information Technology Architecture and enables to respond to the current and emerging business demands in healthcare.

  • Perform validations of various MITS Interfaces including many claims interface files, which is a complex system of data exchange with external systems for the various business needs of the Medicaid program.
  • Analyze requirements, mapping documents & interface file layouts. Create test cases and performed interface testing of various MITS TPL interfaces;
  • Conduct a series of planning and coordination meetings with the external TPL vendor (HMS) and the product vendor in preparation for testing;
  • Test Professional, Institutional and Pharmacy claim files sent to HMS and assisted in generating test data needed by the TPL vendor for end to end testing of these files;
  • Worke with Technical and Business Leads for system and interface testing of EPSDT (Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment) Subsystem interfaces;
  • Assist with coordinating Sister Agency Claim testing in both NSF and 6780 formats for claim processing and transferring of the Pay Rejects and MFP files for End to End Validation.
  • Validate ACS Pharmacy Claim files that were sent to MITS for Claim processing.
  • Create Contextual Interface flow diagrams for various business subsystems in MITS to assist in acceptance testing of MITS Interfaces.
  • Participate in Failure Analysis Review meetings to report and follow up with defect fixes and statuses.

Information/Business Analyst